Is Odoo a SAP / NETSUITE killer ?.
28 junio, 2019 por
Is Odoo a SAP / NETSUITE killer ?.
Gustavo Andres Mora Mejia / TI Americas, Gustavo Andrés Mora Mejia

 Reading articles saying something like "Odoo better than SAP", "Odoo ready to use in 1-click" and etc. 

So want to share my experience and opinion:

1) Odoo is not Business Solution. It is Business Framework. Difference: Solution is done for business people, Framework - for technical people. In simple words - Odoo is done by developers and for developers. It doesn't matter if it is Enterprise or Community. Reason is simple - CEO of Odoo is a developer. Being already for a long time with Odoo/OpenERP I see this is not changing seriously. That is just fact that needs to be accepted and understood to avoid frustrations. And NO, Odoo Studio will not help you - it is just for simple things. BTW, personally I enjoy talking/reading professional technical specialists like Olivier Dony 

On the opposite side other systems like SAP, Oracle NetSuite - are done for business people to close real business needs. And I can say that it works. Of course, there is price difference and not so beautiful interface =)

2) Consequence of the previous point is that Odoo is very good product in terms of available set of functions/features (SAP and Oracle, BTW, has much more). Also Odoo is good in easy customizations (SAP/Oracle not so easy, but in most cases not needed). But Odoo is not good in closing end-to-end business processes (SAP/Oracle does). Real business do not need only features. Features should be combined in single chain of actions (Sales, Purchase, Warehouse). And in 90% of cases Odoo is not working straightforward when real business start using it. And that is mostly related to the fact that Odoo in it's implementation focusing on "positive" use cases and "exceptional" cases are poorly implemented. That are facts from my company experience.

On one of the previous conferences Fabien mentioned the following in his key note (hope to remember exact wording): "We will be always Excellent in doing product, but we will be always bad in doing specialized solutions - for this we rely on partners". And that is absolute truth. So don't be mislead by Odoo marketing saying that "all is ready for your business". Remember that what is ready is just isolated set of functions that somebody need to combine for you. When you are buying Odoo - you are purchasing a LEGO box. And you need to put serious effort to put "bricks" together to make the same picture that is drawn on the box =) 

But again - this is just fact that needs to be accepted. All customers want Odoo to close 100% of their needs and want to have fully automated solution. But reality is that in some cases for them it is OK to have partially ready solution, but that is always long discussion with customer and integrator's business analysts. 

3) As a consequence of the previous point - Odoo is 80% ready solution. In every place and in every module. That means that where you need it to be 100% perfect (aka fill left 20%), according to the "Pareto principle", you have to spend 80% budget (time/money). This is both for Enterprise and Community. Just in Enterprise there are more features, nothing more. Your business is doing 1D-cutting in manufacturing? Your company dealing with returns, warranties and repairs? You have big warehouse with racks/shelfs where you need to quickly pick multiple orders at the same time? You want to do accounting in Odoo?.. Be ready to massively invest in it as Odoo will not work for you by default. Well, you can install Odoo and use it, but it will be no big difference from current excel files you are using - just much more complex to use. =)

Of course, there are some exceptions. I know a few partners that I really respect that has done localizations/specialized solutions to close particular needs in a very professional way. A few examples of them are: Vauxoo (Mexican localization and lots of nice technical stuff done to make sure that only quality solution is delivered to the customer with Nhomar Hernández and Moises Lopez personally), Tecnativa (with Spanish localization and personally Pedro Manuel Baeza Romero who is active Community member), Eficient (with IoT and Manufacturing specialization and personally Jordi Ballester Alomar), Willdoit (specialization on the Australian Market and personally Jonathan Wilsonwho I always remember when just hear 2 words "Australia" and "Odoo"), Versada (and personally Paulius Sladkevičius who created a team where every person is real expert and company is like a family), CampToCamp (active community member, creator of nice technical and functional modules, organizers of OCA ... their contribution cannot be described in a few words), IT-projects LLC(personally with Ivan Yelizariev for his really high-quality Odoo Apps. And on Odoo AppStore there are only few quality addons, most is trash - even paid), SprintIT (with personally Marko Happonen with deep knowledge in ERP systems and high specialization on Finland market)

Sorry if I haven't mentioned all of the partners - I believe there are much more on the market. If integrator has specialized solution for your region and niche, implementation can be less expensive and much faster as they already closed all pain points of Odoo in their solution. 

We at VentorTech also believe that specialized solutions are the way to go and the most efficient way of bringing value to our customers. Odoo is nice starting point as lots of things are already there. From our side we decided to contribute to education in Warehouse Management, so created series of blog posts and also created specialized solution for professional mobile terminals Ventor App.

Conclusion: Odoo is not a "killer", it is another alternative solution. And you decide what you go with - higher license cost, but almost complete solution? Or basic solution, but higher development costs. One pros of Odoo, though, is that because of underlining technology extending it is much faster than classic ERP systems.

I will be happy to hear any other points about Odoo vs. other ERP systems and also some important points you faced during Odoo implementation yourself.

Is Odoo a SAP / NETSUITE killer ?.
Gustavo Andres Mora Mejia / TI Americas, Gustavo Andrés Mora Mejia 28 junio, 2019
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