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Odoo Inventory - Maximize Your Warehouse Efficiency
Manage your warehouse and locations with intuitive and user-friendly software. Keep an eye on stocks with automatic inventory adjustments and automate your processes, thanks to Odoo's integrations. From packing items to multi-warehouse management, Odoo Inventory makes your life easier.

Beautiful. Easy. Open Source.
Try Odoo online at https://www.odoo.com

- To know more: https://www.odoo.com/slides/inventory-24
- To schedule a demo: https://bit.ly/2raXD4D
Meet Odoo 14
The best all-in-one app suite to manage a business just got even better!
Odoo 14 brings you a whole load of new and improved features for the apps you know and love.

Intuitive design is what you get; for ease of use is what you deserve.

Learn more about Odoo 14 on our blog: https://www.odoo.com/r/fGE
Try Odoo here: https://www.odoo.com

0:16 - Website Builder
1:20 - Events
1:44 - Timesheet
2:03 - Become Paperless (Documents & Expenses)
2:52 - Spreadsheet
3:21 - Data Cleaning
3:35 - CRM - Opportunities with recuring revenues
3:49 - Outlook Connector
4:13 - Appraisal
4:41 - Surveys
5:04 - Manufacturing
5:37 - Inventory
6:41 - Point of Sale
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