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Odoo Inventory - Maximize Your Warehouse Efficiency
Manage your warehouse and locations with intuitive and user-friendly software. Keep an eye on stocks with automatic inventory adjustments and automate your processes, thanks to Odoo's integrations. From packing items to multi-warehouse management, Odoo Inventory makes your life easier.

Beautiful. Easy. Open Source.
Try Odoo online at https://www.odoo.com

- To know more: https://www.odoo.com/slides/inventory-24
- To schedule a demo: https://bit.ly/2raXD4D
Meet Odoo 14
The best all-in-one app suite to manage a business just got even better!
Odoo 14 brings you a whole load of new and improved features for the apps you know and love.

Intuitive design is what you get; for ease of use is what you deserve.

Learn more about Odoo 14 on our blog: https://www.odoo.com/r/fGE
Try Odoo here: https://www.odoo.com

0:16 - Website Builder
1:20 - Events
1:44 - Timesheet
2:03 - Become Paperless (Documents & Expenses)
2:52 - Spreadsheet
3:21 - Data Cleaning
3:35 - CRM - Opportunities with recuring revenues
3:49 - Outlook Connector
4:13 - Appraisal
4:41 - Surveys
5:04 - Manufacturing
5:37 - Inventory
6:41 - Point of Sale
Odoo Spreadsheet - Upskill your Business Intelligence practices!
Making projections, calculating commissions, and extra data analysis with real-time data are now one click away! Find the feature in all your favorite applications!

- To know more: https://www.odoo.com/page/odoo-spreadsheet
- To start your free database: https://www.odoo.com/trial
- To schedule a demo: https://bit.ly/2raXD4D
Odoo Social Marketing - Manage Social Media, Web Push Notifications and Live Chat.
Odoo's Social Marketing application is the one and only solution you need to manage social media pages, web push notifications and live chat! Create and manage content, connect with your prospects and customers, and even generate and track leads and income!

And not just that! Proactively engage with users through your website and start turning visitors into leads, and customers into happy users.

Curious to try? Start your free database now at https://www.odoo.com/
You can also schedule a demo at: https://bit.ly/2raXD4D
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