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Meet Odoo 14
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The best all-in-one app suite to manage a business just got even better!
Odoo 14 brings you a whole load of new and improved features for the apps you know and love.

Intuitive design is what you get; for ease of use is what you deserve.

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0:16 - Website Builder
1:20 - Events
1:44 - Timesheet
2:03 - Become Paperless (Documents & Expenses)
2:52 - Spreadsheet
3:21 - Data Cleaning
3:35 - CRM - Opportunities with recuring revenues
3:49 - Outlook Connector
4:13 - Appraisal
4:41 - Surveys
5:04 - Manufacturing
5:37 - Inventory
6:41 - Point of Sale
Odoo Point Of Sale: Shops and Restaurants
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Odoo's online Point of Sale software for restaurants and shops is based on a smart interface that any retail company can use without difficulty. The POS can be used online or offline and iPads, Android tablets or laptops.

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Odoo Expenses (Tour)
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Discover Odoo Expenses:
Simple Employee Expense Management Software
The Odoo IoT Box - Revolutionizing Your Manufacturing Process
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This year, Odoo solves connectivity challenges and brings its IoT technology to your business flows. You can now orchestrate operators and machines work instructions in your manufacturing process all in one interface!

With a configuration easier than ever, even non-technical users can set up the IoT Box and connect any hardware to their database through USB, HDMI, Bluetooth or Wifi.

Increase your productivity, Quality and more with the Odoo IoT Box!

For any question or additional information, please contact our business advisers:
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